Saturday, October 22, 2011

Wonderfully Wicked Read-A-Thon ~ I'm Off Reading Today!

Oh, yes, call me loopy but here I am embroiled in a wonderfully witchie and and wicked read-a-thon this weekend! I've been needing to read a few books in my stack (I'm always needing to do that) so this has given me just the perfect way to do that.

I'm so happy to share the whole thing with you. You can still take part today and tomorrow if you want to. You'll not only have the fun of reading spooky books to share, but you'll be able to visit others through linky. Find out more by clicking on My Shelf Confessions .

So, here are the books I plan on reading so far:

          Who are the "night strangers?"

Let the reading begin! Do you want to join us? I'll be updating and letting you know how I'm doing throughout the weekend.  Oh, and look who's below!   The darling little living dead doll "Claret" who will keep me company on this afternoon's stretch of speed reading....  We have to be careful, though, she likes to rip out throats, the sweet little dear.

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Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Goodness what a great way to spend the weekend. I would love to do this if I weren't involved with fixing my home up in town that a renter tore up.
You enjoy your books and I will check back and see how you did