Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Ed Hardy and Cross Stitch? Who'd A Thunk It? "Love Kills Slowly" Ed's Designs!

Published by:  Andrews McMeel Publishing
Pages:  96
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I have this perfume and it actually smells great...jasmine and rose but not too sweet...woodsy

What This Book Entails :

From Google overview--

This ain't your grandmother's cross-stitch. Ed Hardy's Love Kills Slowly Cross-Stitch is a counted cross-stitch book for a new generation of crafters. From pierced hearts to images of skulls and crossbones, Hardy's colorful, tattoo-inspired designs are perfect for stitchers looking for something bold and graphic. Each pattern comes complete with a full-color illustration of the original art, an illustration of the final product, and a full-color pattern and key. A how-to section teaches the basics of counted cross-stitch.

About the Author :

Ed Hardy is known as the "godfather of modern tattoos" for his artistic sophistication, depth, and experimentation. Hardy melds American, Japanese, cholo, tattoo, surf, and hot rod iconography to create his unique designs. His work adorns a broad range of products, including T-shirts, sleepwear, bed linens, energy drinks, car accessories, swimwear, baseball caps, and much more.
I can't see myself in this! :p

You get the idea here of his mermaid and geisha tatoo art, cartoons.

Hardy's signature roses with glitz!
Butterfly and Geisha

Brave Hearts Tatoo and Pink Carp

My Take On This Book :

I only discovered Ed Hardy a year ago this Summer when I started seeing his art work on surfer shirts for my size 4-5 yr. old grandsons!  Since skulls seemed to be unavoidable this past couple of years for the boys, I noticed Hardy's tatoo prints as standouts among the others. Grim and, yet, beautifully juxtaposed with roses, blue birds and flourishes. Nope, didn't get the grands any of them. 

However, I did find the most darling pair of sneakers in my grandgirl's size (see her picture on the side with my son) in pink with roses and geishas.  She loves pink and the tatoos were pretty and summery for her.  I think her mom was a little taken aback...  :]

Ed Hardy has grown on me.  I still cringe when I see skulls, though, and I'm really opposed to having my little grands wear such huge displays of them with the words "kill" surrounding them. 

I do like his other images:  roses, blue birds, geishas, mermaids, pretty women faces, carp in different colors and the like. This cross stitch book has those images.  So, it is a book that's different, but fun for a change!
I can just see Harmien or An stitching wild little things from it.  LOL  And, I love the idea of some of the images for Halloween.

So, I'm recommending this book of Hardy's tatoo art for cross stitch.  It's a refreshing and sometimes shocking change of pace.  But, really, don't we all need a kick for fun once in a while?  It's especially fun to get a smallie like these tatoo tots for Halloween...

5 stars for a funky little x-stitch book/ebook


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Grandma Yellow Hair said...

What an interesting post this morning. I enjoyed reading it very much.
I have a friend that has several pairs of his shoes and every time I see them on her I like them more and more.
Hope you have a great week