Sunday, October 23, 2011

"Night Strangers" by Chris Bohjalian ~ Wickedly Wonderfully Scary!

Wooot!  Wickedly Witchie Update!

I finished reading "Night Stranger" by Chris Bohjalian last night/early this morning, and now I'm dizzy and, I mean, I'm ready to start my new book, "Fallen" by Traci L. Slatton.  I'm just going to finish here and get some breakfast (though God only knows what that will be since I'm not able to digest my food lately and the doc's can't find out what's wrong with me--too much reading!??).


My Thoughts on Night Strangers:

Can I say, "Unexpected!" This is not your Chris Bojalian of "Midwives." Oh, no! This is a Stephen King-ish Chris comin' out of the New Hampshire woods on a dark, isolated winter to claim his place as a demented dreamer living in a wreck of an old house too far away from citified people.

Taking your psyche in your own hands, read this book over Halloween because it is so freaky and spooky. I loved the involvement of the main character, Chip, a pilot who's his own fearful failure for crashing his plane and killing many passengers; and his young, strange twin girls. First of all it's scary right off the bat when Bojalian describes a cellar door secured with 32ish bolts that's the size of my osteopathic granny! I knew right then and there we were in for some trouble and it wasn't going to be sweet and enchanting, either.

This is a book for vegans and those who enjoy herbal tea, maybe. :] This is also a book for those who like things that go "bump in the night."

I was held captive by this book...loved it all the way through to the shocker of an ending. The characters are fabulous and freaky. The narrating voice is nearly invisible making for a feeling of voyeurism that made the book even more haunting. And, the plot, while some of it may have not been entirely unfamiliar in parts, was very well put together--suspenseful, scary, leading and misleading, horrifying. All the good ingredients for a perfect "tincture." Pull up a big, over-stuffed chair and a cup of herbal tea for this one.

5 stars a spectre-ing

Deb/TheFanciful and Freaky Speed-Reading Wickathoner

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