Thursday, November 5, 2009

Sew Interesting or Knot

You may be asking yourselves: why is Deborah looking so fat? Where is her hair? Why does she have an evil and devious grin on her face? Is that her villa in the window behind her?

Oh, yes!! Deb is dressed for the drama commencing to happen at her next door neighbor and friend, Libby's house. Libby has asked Deborah to dress her for her Halloween party this year!! She believes in Deb's artistic abilities. This is Libby's fatal flaw!! Ya ha!!

Deb is wearing her 6' DH's pink shirt, with black rose and lace stretch tights (sorry Lib didn't get those babies in the pic!!). Those stretch tights look like last year's 'hoe outfit from the Las Vegas strip. Her hair is pulled back in what she fancies is the Hollywood makeup artiste's "do." This style, however, looks grim on her. She comes with tools of the trade. Her face is gleaming with glee....this is a demonic thing which does not look good on Deborah, either...and makes her face look rounder than it actually is, perhaps. Is God trying to tell her something? Get the picture?

Here's a cute before picture of Libby at her kitchen table. I have set out my "creative tools" to transform her from a kindly neighbor into a swashbuckling witch! Or some such! I'm enjoying this because Libby is scared of me, and doesn't wear makeup ordinarily. She jumps and flinches and asks me at every turn what I'm going to do to her. I'm beginning to feel like Dr. Strangelove! I have the laughter in my heart that you only have heard on Saturday morning Vampire and Mummy scary movies when we were little kids.... :] I really can't wait to get my creepy little hands on Libby's pale and clear face!!! 'ah 'ah 'ah
Once the transformation was complete, I suddenly came to my senses, and Libby and I found ourselves laughing hysterically.

This was the best long shot I could get of the finished product of Libby. She and I designed her costume. Sorry you can't see in full her darling pointed hat with the roses and how long her cloak is. We attached this lovely shawl to the neckline of her cape so she could swish it around herself. Libby wanted to be a sexy, not a scary witch! LOL

Oh, my!! The finished witch! She's a fright!
So ends our walk on the wild side in our very peaceloving neighborhood where strange things are apt to happen on occassion. Don't forget my Peeping Tom! Yuck!
Until the next time...Your friend in odd situations this Fall.... Deb
PS: After seeing and sizing up myself in this picture, I went blond again instead of these platinum highlights. I look like my old self again, thank God!!! I don't know where I went trying to grow old gracefully. Damn the white/grey and on with the young and lively generation!!!


Daffycat said...

An awesome make-up job. Libby makes a great witch!

missy said...

Hmmmm...Libby's Witch make-up looks like my everyday make-up!! LOL LOL

You look great Deb!!!


mainely stitching said...

Oh you wicked girl, you! LOL! Great job!! :D

Siobhan said...

LOL! Libby makes a great witch!

Hey, on the Quaker design you asked about in my blog comments... you might try The Attic. ? Or Lois at Elegant Stitch. Those two would be my best bets. I haven't heard of it, myself! I'll send you a link if I do find it. Have a great weekend!

Meari said...

Glad you had fun with the transformation. She's not as scary as some of the witches I've seen.

So are we gonna see you with your new color? :)