Monday, November 9, 2009

Miami Book Fair International!!! :Q

I'm beside myself, dear stitchy and reader friends. The "Miami Bookfair International 2009" will be here next weekend and my knees are weak. Name the author and he or she will be here! I have to go, even if it's by myself. I'm only a 2 hour drive from Miami going along Alligator Alley from Naples.

Let me tell you who a few of the authors are who will be there, you'll just die!

Margaret Atwood
Joyce Carol Oates
Barbara Kingsolver
Wally Lamb
The author who writes "Dexter"-Jeff Lindsay
Al Gore
Ethan Canin
A. Manette Ansay

Well, there are 3-4 pages of authors!! Go see for yourselves:

So, of course, I'm going. I just couldn't think of anyone to go with me. I asked Libby, of the made up witch fame, but she couldn't go. And, I asked Elaine, but she isn't well enough....and Elaine said, "There's really noone else who reads at your intellectual level, Deb. So, you have to go by yourself." I'm a little scared, because, as I've told you, I'm somewhat of a reclusive, artistic type...but I have to push myself out of my house and I have to go!!! I especially want to see my very favorites M. Atwood, Joyce C. Oates, and Wally Lamb. If only Anne Rice were coming! :[ But, I'm beside myself as it is.

Please go to the site and see all the goodies there! More on my Gemini split personality and neurotic behavior later.... :P

BTW...I do have another blogsite if any of you are interested. It's my book site called: Please stop by sometime!

Hugs, Deb


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Have fun, Deb! Is it considered to terribly tacky to have them autograph a favorite book for you!? I have a friend whose mom used to be Joyce C. Oat's doctor years ago in Birmingham, MI. She said she was oddly wonderful!

Margaret said...

Oh lucky you! Have a great time at the fair! I got to take a creative writing course from JCO when I was in college -- she was an eccentric, interesting lady. My daughter passed on JCO for her creative writing course -- she went for Chang Rae Lee as her instructor instead. :D

Brigitte said...

Oh, you're such a lucky girl. I'd go there immediately if I lived somewhere near.

Barb said...

The book fair sounds wonderful! Don't hesitate...go!

Siobhan said...

LOL, you sound like me... wanting to be a stalker but feeling shy when it comes down to it. I've written my share of scary fan letters to favorite authors. It sounds like a wonderful opportunity--I hope you go for it!

Juls said...

I am green with jealousy!!! Have fun!!!!! Oh if I were closer I'd be there with you!!!!!!

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