Friday, May 15, 2009

Shrub Saga

Thank you all so much for your understanding and empathy about my landscaping disaster. We live in a secluded "gated community" down here in Naples, FL, so the association Board makes the major decisions about our landscaping. That's where all of this issue started, but I'm sure even they never imagined this disaster! I'm betting once they see my neighbor's and my yard, they'll be calling the landscaping company!! Then, we'll be the ugliest homes in the neighborhood....:[ I'm only hoping everything DOES grow back even better than before....or the association will be pulling up stumps and replacing them with new, gorgeous and full plants!!!

End of saga. As DH said to me today from Warsaw, Poland (he's been on a business trip there)just don't think about it or let it upset you anymore...I'll take care of it. Okay.... :P We shall see.
Thread Tip:
This is a tip I received from one of the thread companies years ago when I had my Cabbage Rose Needlework online shop. It applies to hand-dyed threads.
The best way to distribute your thread color and variegations fully around a border is to divide the peices onto 6 different bobbins. Use a strand from each bobbin as you move around the border. You have to cut your threads originally into different sections to do this. And, you may want to use less bobbins... But, this seems to be the way to insure that you get a good stream of color throughout your border.
Gotta go now! Love and hugs, Deb


Deb said...

I guess your husband has good advise - don't think about it (although I know it's hard when you see it every time you step out of your house). Hopefully DH will put everything to rights when he returns. And thanks for the tip on the overdyed flosses. I'll have to try it next time.

Siobhan said...

Your husband has good advice! When I am fretting over something, I always ask myself, "Is there anything I can do about this?", and if there is, I do it; if not, I tell myself to stop worrying.

Have a great weekend!

Isabelle said...

Debohra, I think your husband is right if you don't want to be too worrying about that disaster : I hardly hope your landscape become again very nice as you liked it :-)
I am so sorry, I don't have strawberry garden in my stash : I would have been so happy to help you :-))
Please , have a good week end ,

Von said...

Yep, not much you can do. Still, it would be interesting to know what the HA has to say once they see the devastation. Now on to happier things, like playing in the stash. :)