Saturday, September 6, 2008

Book Benders and Stash!

This darling little project is the new Buttons and Blooms stitch for a cure from Elegant Stitch! It's created by Blackbird Designs...and includes the ready-made ditty bag, the fabbie, threads and fabric backing....AND the little wax piece! All for $30. to charity. Go see Lois while they last!

I was in such a reading, craving mode this week, I stacked up paperbacks for a reading hibernation, bought a coconut lemon sponge cake, and dug out my most luxurious and comfy pjs....changed my bed into a cushy, gorgeous Princess bed, too!! It was decadent. :P

Here are the books I read:

"The Great Man" by Kate Christensen - Winner of the Pen/Faulkner Award
A truly fabulous novel that kept me reading from 4PM to 3AM to the finish! This was a strange thing, because I really wasn't drawn in by the title of the book, nor the summaries on the cover. It said it was about an artist in NYC who had died, whose biography was being written by two men, and who left behind a wife and son, a sister, and a mistress and two daughters. Yawn.... I really bought the book because it was given the Pen/Faulkner Award, and that alone made me curious enough to buy it! I'm so glad I did!! What a wonderful and spellbinding author Christensen is! I was completely captivated from page one! Couldn't put the book down...fell madly in love with the women characters...and could have read 300 more pages after the book ended!! Treat yourself to this all-nighter book in paperback.

Next, I read "Summer Reading," by Hilma Wolitzer. Not a beachy paperback, though the title might seem like it is. This book is well written with characters of interest and depth, and a recommended booklist for you, too. The story takes place in the Hamptons mostly at the home of a seasonal, wealthy young woman who hosts her friends/acquaintances' Summer book group "The Page Turner's." The focus of the story is on the year-round leader of the group, the hostess of Page Turner's, her the books change their lives. One of the main premises of the book is that "novels are supposed to change the way we live," and to help us see and live more "authentic lives." It makes you think, and wonder..... A great book to start the school year out....

I've also been stashing some other goodies!!
Shepherds Bush: Sail Away Can't resist this pretty one!
Shepherds Bush: Into the Night Nothing better than SB for Halloween

Rosewood Manor: Quakers and Quilts Reminds me of an old Presidential Campaign board or grandstand. I may trade the alphabet for this year's candidate's names. Rosewood Manor: Family Reunion Not sure I'd ever do this whole piece, but I do like bits of it, especially the frame and tag ideas for pincushions and fobs.

Did I tell you I'm in Vonna's "Me, Myself and I, RR" group? So many of you are, too. It's going to be great fun this year! I'm thinking a "His eye is on the sparrow" type village for my piece with lots of birds... It's still in the cranium. :)

Hugs, Deb


Meari said...

I love Family Reunion. I so want to get that one!

Miokka said...

Family Reunion and Sail Away are on my want list! Hmmmm... maybe another stitch a long!
I would so love 2, 3,4 or more days in bed with my stitching and reading.
I'm dreaming!
Still searching for MM&IRR charts.

Kathy A. said...

What a lovely pink stitch and bag. And those new charts - There are definitely a couple there that interest me especially Family Reunion. But, I am on a stash diet! So now what do I do? BTW, how is that handsome Kellan doing these days?

Barbara said...

Now you do tempt one, Deb. What lovelies you've selected to show us!

And I cannot wait to see more of your neighborhood!

LODY said...

i love the family reunion too...
thanks for sharing photos of your stitching night. it was so much fun to look at.:)

Sally said...

Lovely new charts Deb! I love the SB ones.

The BBD piece is gorgeous.

Wendy said...

What an enabler you are, Deb! I'm writing down all these great charts...for my wish list of course. I'm on a stash diet :-(

Bejeweled said...

Great books, cake and some quiet time to read! Sounds wonderful!

Ruth Rachel Vendsel said...

Oh my goodness, your reading hibernation sounds like a dream come true! Thanks for the book titles. Love your new stash and can't wait to see how your neighborhood will turn out!

J Rae said...

Love the SB pieces! The Quakers and quilts piece is quite lovely as well. Rosewood Manor always has such lovely pieces, but some of them are so intimidating.

Thought about the Me, Myself & I RR that Vonna is doing, but with the other RR going on I think it will have to wait.

samplerlover said...

Hi Deb, what a lovely bag and stitching piece. I love the little wax piece.
What a great selection of stash you have chosen to show. I to love the Family Reunion. It is quite beautiful. - Sandra.

Anonymous said...

I hadn't seen that new kit... I love it :) Better fire up my credit card LOL

tintocktap said...

Love the Elegant Stitch bag and little cushion! And your new stash - I'm seriously tempted too!

brodstitch said...

I visit your blog for the first one by coming from Lody.
The works are magnificent!

Lynn said...

Oooh, I love that Elegant Stitch pincushion! Gotta have it! This whole post is just enabling me. I love your new stash especially the SB charts.
Reading in bed for a whole day..what's that like? I haven't treated myself like that in a very long time. Sounds heavenly!

Sarah E. said...

Your work is so lovely, and the Elegant Stitch pincushion is wonderful. I'm in a "Neighborhood Quilt" group off of QuiltArt, where we observe our neighborhood for a year and then design a quilt around our theme. I found the Me, Myself and I RR from Sharon B.'s, and am following it closely -- everyone has awesome ideas! I'll be looking forward to seeing what you'll be doing!