Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bits & Book

Here's my layout for my "Me,Myself&I, RR." I worried myself to death about what to do because I've had so many ideas of what I would like to do, but I finally decided on "A Celebration oc Christmas" past and present.

I've been collecting Praire Schooler santas, angels, winter scenes, woodland animals, etc...for years and I haven't stitched many of them because I just haven't wanted Christmas ornaments. My goal has been to make framed series' of them, and I figured this is my chance to incorporate them in a vast piece!

I'm using the Byzantine Angels (my name for them) like this one I stitched last year, as my corner images to start. I'll be revealing the other pieces as I go along just for the mystery and the fun of it. Going to have to create a fourth Byz. Angel of my own to make the last corner piece.

Has everyone seen that Dani (please see her link on my sidebar) is running a marathon for breast cancer? Go check it out! You can sponsor her for the race for just a few dollars to cheer her on. I'm so proud of her!! It's great to see one of our stitching friends do something so wonderful and so challenging! Way to go, Dani!! So proud of you!!!

New book finish: This is a very intriguing and strange "post-modernist" novel which very openly tells the story of the JonBenet Ramsey mystery from the perspective of the son. It's a page-turner of 400-plus pages which I found so engrossing I would stay up nearly all night. (Which really isn't unusual for me as many of my stitching friends well know, but nevertheless!!!) Allison, dear, I'm sending this one to you. You have to read it!! As you all know, Joyce Carol Oates is one of my very fav. authors of all time. I've been reading her since I was 19 yrs. old, and she never fails to deliver. I would, however, wait for the paperback...the hardback is expensive unless you are collecting her first editions like I am.

Kellan's growing! He wants to thank all of you who prayed for him before, during and after he was born! Remember when he was a preemie? Now he's 16 lbs. and in the 95%ile for 3mos. olds. :)

Have a happy time stitching Halloween!!! Thank you for commenting, I need to hear from you! Hugs, Deb

PS: I am mourning Paul Newman, who was my favorite actor and humanitarian. What a dear man he was. I was fortunate to see him in person in 2007, and to see him on screen since I was a little girl. I know he will be remembered for all he did for children with cancer for so many years, as well as his generosity to untold others. Good-night, Sweet Prince.


samplerlover said...

Hi Deb, your Celebration of Christmas sounds wonderful. I have the pattern of the Byzantine Angels as well but you know the usual story. There on the list. I shall be watching with interest as you progress with this one.
My Kellan has grown. He looks so healthy and happy now.
Yes, it is a very sad time at the moment. I have loved Paul Newman for a long time. He always used to remind me of one of my Uncles who liked like him. Along with PN I used to love watching Gregory Peck. Another great actor.
Well Deb, having a relaxing afternoon after quite a hectic week, with my sons. I have done a lot of reading with one of them as the youngest spent 3 days in hospital and came home a couple of hours ago. Take care - Sandra.

Nicole said...

Hi Deb! I just got that book from the library on Sat. I haven't started it yet, but after seeing your review, I can't wait to start! :) Kellan is such a cutie! I love all the pics Jessica sends. He's such a doll!

Looking forward to seeing your new start! It looks like a fun project! :)

LODY said...

Wow, I almost didn't recognize Kellan. He's growing real fast... such a cutie!:)
Well done on the RR lay-out. Mine will be a mystery kind too, as it will chrated along the way.
Glad to see you post much lately. I love reading your stories! Hugs!

Sally said...

Your Celebration of Christmas sounds wonderful Deb:) I'm looking forward to seeing this when we start! I'm doing a Winter one for mine and am going to make a start on the planning now that I have the charts I want ( except for one!).

Kellan is such a sweetie and he's growing so fast!

Joke said...

A great angel do you have there, guess who I'm talking of? Yes, your grandson, lovely boy!
I love you RR,and the corner angel too :)

Annemarie said...

What a lovely idea this is for your MM&IRR! And I see that, like so many others, you have an actual blueprint thing going on. You're all starting to get me worried, because I'm planning to just purchase a large piece of fabric, start stitching, and see what I end up with

Von said...

Oh look at those beautiful chubby cheeks! Kellen is a cutie pie - thanks so much for the update. :)

Your MMIrr plan is coming along and I'll be fascinated to watch it grow - along with those of all the others.

Crazee4books said...

Hi Deb.

Byzantine why doesn't
that surprise me?? This project
is bringing out the creativity in
so many people. It's fun to watch
what everyone is coming up with for
their designs and layouts. Isn't
it great the way stitchers inspire
each other with new ideas and
challenging projects like this one.

I've never read any books by Joyce Carol Oates before but this one does sound interesting. Quite a
touchy subject matter.

Can't believe that Kellan is getting so big. He's such a cutie.

I was sorry to hear about the passing of Paul Newman too. Such a
humane, down to earth person. I love what he said when someone asked him once if he'd ever considered cheating on his wife (Joanne Woodward) He said "I have Filet Minion at home, why would I go out for hamburger?"


Kathy said...

Your RR is going to be awesome. Can hardly wait to see your progress on it.

What a cutie your Kellan is.

Lizzy said...

I love the idea of your Christmas Past and Present, Deb and can't wait for you to start! It's going to be sooo beautiful! I've long thought of stitching my own NRR and it's nice to see so many of you are doing so... :-) It's going to be such an inspiring project!

Kellan is a precious wee Angel and he's growing so much, Sweety!

I too was a Paul Newman fan... How sad to hear of his passing... he was a brilliant and wonderful Soul...

Lots of Love and {{{Hugs}}}