Monday, September 29, 2008

Beatrix Potter SAL

My new pink palette for "Beatrix Potter Sampler" Needleprint, SAL which Hazel has kindly organized to begin Jan. 2009. I completely failed to get going on the SAL last year, and just bailed on it, sadly. So, I'm giving myself this new start of hope!!!

Last year I had chosen Soy Luster thread in a sort of periwinkle blue dark color. I never was quite sure of it and couldn't really decide what I wanted. Maybe that held me back?? Anyway, I'm loving this pink palette for this year's attempt...finish. It makes me happier and I feel confident in it. I always felt the browns just didn't speak to the love of colors and joyful spirit of Beatrix I've always wanted to change them, anyway.
I also kitted up Cricket Collection's "Sleepy Hollow" which came out last year, and which I never got to. This fabric is from Silkweavers and is called Stormy Skies or something...can't quite remember. Naturally, it's been in my stash since I owned the Cabbage Rose Needlework shop. It has sections of storm cloudiness. I really didn't want it to be so dark and gloomy a background that we lost the colors of witches houses, etc....:] in the whole piece as it continues to be a full Halloween neighborhood.
Otherwise, I'm nursing along my cervical spine herniated discs which are causing me horrendous pain down my right neck and arm!! Ouch!! This has not kept me from stitching and kitting...:) I've been seeing my massage therapist, but that's not really helping. Jessica has kindly gotten me an appt. to see a specialist in these things and acupuncture, too, on Wednesday. Hopefully, I'll be able to avoid the surgery like I had on my other shoulder 3 yrs ago!! Not fun!
Thank you so much for reading and leaving comments on my blog. Friends keep me going... Hugs, Deb


LODY said...

The colors you pick for the Beatrix Potter really represents you.:) I can't wait to see it get done!
Sorry that you're in pain.:( I hope everything will be back to normal the soonest. Hugs!

Simone said...

It's good to see you're back in a stitching mood! I love your new projects. Although I don't like pink, I do think it looks good on Beatrix Potter ;)

Barbara said...

Ow. Best of luck with the acupuncturist - they really can work wonders. I hope you'll soon be pain free.

I really love your pink scheme for Beatrix Potter - it's so much cheerier, and it is very YOU!!

Sally said...

Deb I ADORE your colours for the BP SAL! They are so pretty. Looking forward to Sal-ing with you on this as well as the MM&I SAL:) They are going to be so much fun.

Sorry to hear you're in pain. I hope the acupunture works for you and you don't need to have surgery {{{{hugs}}}}

Nicole said...

Hi Deb,

I'm so sorry you are not feeling well! I hope you can get some relief soon! The colors for Beatrix Potter are beautiful - I can't wait to see your start! :)

Kathy A. said...

Let me see - when I say pink who do I think of - of course - the lovely Lavender Rose - Deb. Those colors are so you. Look forward to your sampler.
Hope the acupuncturist can help you and that surgery will be avoidable. Take care of yourself

Claudia said...

So sorry about your pain!!!!! I hope you'll get well soon, avoiding the surgery! I sometimes suffer of stiff neck.. so painful... But me too I stitch even if I feel me in a bad mood! Stitching is a good medecine not for my neck but for my soul... LOL
I love the CC you are going to stitch... so Halloweenish!!!!
Kisses from Italy!

Annemarie said...

Ugh, Deb, that sounds so painful! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the accupuncture will give some relief!
You're doing Bea in pink? Hmm, that's a colour I hadn't thought of! I'm curious to see what it will look like. I'm joining the SAL as well, but I've chosen a really dark palette to work with.
So when are you starting Sleepy Hollow???

Patti said...

Oh Deb you sound like you are in so much pain, like Anne Marie I too am keeping my fingers crossed that you will get a lot of relief by the acupuncture.

I love the colors you have chosen for the Beatrix Potter and would love to join the stitch along is places are still vacant.

I also apologize for being such a crappy friend.

Love you loads and loads

Patti xxx

monique said...

Love those pinks! Feel better soon :)

prairieknitter01 said...

Lovely colors! I hope your neck and back are better soon.

Andrea said...

Those WIPs will be really something to look forward too. Great colours.

Hope you feel better soon.

DaisyGirl said...

Hi Deb,
We had a vote, and most are wanting to leave it the same, so thank you for offering to take Shelley's place. But I will be starting a tombstone themed village in March. If you want, I'll remember you and ask you first. I'll be using lots of CHS patterns.

lena-lou said...

Hi there Deb, I know *exactly* what you are experiencing with your discs in your back!! I too had a trapped nerve in the cervical region, disc 4 I think, and oh boy the pain was/is awful , total ache all the time. I even got where I thought removal of my hand or arm from the elbow down might have felt easier. Even 2 years on I still get twinges down my arm especially if I am in the car ...or ...aha you guessed it..stitching :( I try to do some yoga to keep it free these days. Good luck with your treatment and I can assure you it does get better from what you are feeling right now!!
Take care
hugs (((((xx)))))

Lizzy said...

Oh, Deb I do hope you are feeling better and the pain has eased... or better yet disappeared entirely! :-) Sending you lots of warm, healing thoughts and vibes, Sweety!!!

I love the colours you've chosen for your Beatrix Potter Quaker... I'm going to be stitching along with you all as well, and I am sooo undecided about my colour palette... I too have been toying with some shades of Rose and pehaps some Green tossed in to match my bedroom or perhaps CC Belle Soie's Red Fox... and something else! I just love that colour... or perhaps the Autumn Shade Silks from Thread Gatherer Silk 'N Colours or Glorianna... Hmmm... Decisions! ;-)

I love Sleepy Hollow!!! I too bought it last year and it's sitting here all kitted up waiting on me to start stitching... perhaps I'll join you! :-)

Feel better Sweety...

Lots of Love and {{{Hugs}}}