Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Random Things and Lody

Meari tagged me on this Seven Random Facts About Me...and since I'm still recovering from my infection (now in my lungs...Rats!!), I thought it would be fun to play. I have to say here that I don't know how to "link back and link to" people, so I'll just be emailing and noting in comments, okay? :)
The Rules:
1. Once you are tagged, link back to the person who tagged you.2. Post the Rules on your blog.3. Post 7 weird or random facts about yourself on your blog.4. Tag 7 people and link them.5. Comment on their blog to let them know they have been tagged.

Seven Random Facts About Me:
1) I think I really should have been born in the late 1800's....I'm most comfortable with things in this era. I find the world often too modern for me...and I live in a time warp!

2) I've always had a thing for Marie Antoinette, from the time I was very young. I've always thought it was strangely like I knew her.

3) My very favorite place to imagine myself when I'm travelling in my mind is my former Victorian house in Wellesley, MA.

4) I have a gifts of sight/dreams/readings. I've often seen important events in a dream before they've happened. It's not always been happy things. I can read people. This is a trait given to some of us through many generations, and well accepted in my family. My paternal grandmother, one of my aunts, one of my cousin's children and one of my sons has evidenced the gift in my lifetime.

5) I wiggle my toes and rub my feet together when I'm cuddling with my children, reading or stitching...!! It's my happy sign!! :]

6) I don't like to drink alcohol and can do without wine. But, I do like Dubonnet over ice with a lemon twist on occasion. I just learned on the Barbara Walters Royals Special that that's Queen Elizabeth II's favorite drink, too!!! LOL Who knew!! :]

7) I love to sleep in long, XXL t-shirts like the cheap ones you can get from Michael's and ACMoore!! They're so soft and comfy...:) but, not very girlie... which is contrary to my ordinary love of jewlery and embellishment! :)

Now, I'd like to tap: Jessica, Deb in CT, Lody, Wanda, Jenn, Juls, and Lizzy!

I also want to take some time to introduce to you my friend, Lody. I've known her for the past year in a couple of our online stitching groups. We've formed a friendship emailing off site, and she's a great stitching and finishing friend. I call Lody the "Lightenin' Stitcher!" She's amazingly fast and an incredible finisher. She even creates her own designs. Please go visit her newish blog.... A Stitcher's Journey From Her Heartland http://lodyscreations.blogspot.com/ Here's a picture of some of Lody's work. Isn't it amazing!!?? She's very modest and just a doll. She's from the Phillipines and lives in the Midwest.

A final note of deepest gratitude for all of you who left me comments of get well wishes (and de-bugging advice!), and sent me emails, too! You made me feel so enveloped in a world of caring stitching friends while I've been down. Thank you so much dear friends!! Hugs, Deb *New stitching pics next blog entry, I promise!!


Juls said...

Oh my!!! I'm so sorry I didn't know you were feeling sick... I hope this finds you feeling better. I'm exhausted from work. I will call you this week dear friend!

Katrina said...

Love the fun facts! I am fascinated with English Queens and Kings in general. I read a lot of history books and sometimes wish I had majored in history instead of accounting :-).

Katrina said...

Love the fun facts! I am fascinated with English Queens and Kings in general. I read a lot of history books and sometimes wish I had majored in history instead of accounting :-).

Meari said...

Lovely gifts, Deb. Glad you're feeling better, too. Interesting facts about yourself -- I found the toe wiggling one cute :)

Lody said...

whenever i visit your blog, i look forward to know/see more about marie antoinette (which at times makes me want to do my own research about her... lol).
as always, you make my day with your posts, and this recent one is one of the best. thanks so much for featuring me in your blog my dear.:)

Barbara said...

Wow, that's some gorgeous stitching and finishing by Lody!

I've sent you an email ... and I must apologize for not realizing you were ill - I've been a very bad blog reader this week. I hope you're fully recovered! Sending healing hugs!!

monique said...

Thanks for Lody's link :)

Feel better! Be glad you really don't live back then, or else they may have gotten you with the leech treatment by now LOL

Von said...

Poor Deb, fighting the good fight against those awful flu-type bugs! Hope you've bested them and are feeling much better.

Bejeweled said...

I hope you and Jessica feel better soon!

Lody's work is amazing! And your list of random things was very interesting to read - #4 was very cool!

Michelle said...

Poor thing! I hope you are feeling better soon. Take care and big hugs!

Lillie said...

Found you via Lody's blog. Agreed, Lody's works/finishing is truly awesome. That RR is simply a 'wow'
Hoped you are feeling better. Take care!

Anonymous said...
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