Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Books and blogs

Just wanted to share with you what my Jessica shared with me about the book I just recommended: "Monsters of Templeton"
It's being reviewed and has author interviews on this great new site that Jess found: Voice- Every Woman's Voice


There's a reader's guide for discussion there, as well. Anybody want to have a long-distance bookgroup??? :]


PS: My pink and crimson rose bush has 3 buds on it!!! Sorry for braggin'
But, it's exciting!!!


Nicole said...

Sounds very interesting Deb! I'm listening to "The Boleyn Inheritance" about Anne of Cleaves and Catherine Howard. I keep thinking about what you said about Anne of Cleaves, about her being the luckies wife and I think you are so right!! :)

Nicole said...

luckiest that is, not luckies! I must proof read before hitting send! :)

Barbara said...

I would be interested, but I'm afraid I'd have too much difficulty in obtaining the books here. Amazon.com is fine, but the shipping charges aren't! ;)

Bejeweled said...

I wish I had the time for an online book group. Wouldn't that be the best?!! That book sounds like a very interesting read.