Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Newer Pictures

Now you can really see her because DH dragged his camera out for me!!

And, here's a better shot of my Taj Mahal with his camera. It's not much, but it's some progress!

Now, I feel so much better!!! :))

Picture Progress and Stuff

Here is absolutely the best picture in the bunch. My DH took it, of course. A gorgeous needleroll sent by my good friend Simone!! She is a master stitcher and such a good friend. I was completely taken by surprise by this one!! I love it. She and I have been stitching Chatelaine Designs for some years. This is one of Martina's "tryout" designs. The finishing is flawless!! Thank you so very much, Simone! I will cherish it always. It is so beautiful, I can never stick it with a pin!

Above is my first Fair & Square Group piece stitched for my partner...who shall remain nameless. I don't think she'll be peeking at my blog this week, and I'm sending it off to her right away. I pieced this together for the 50 x 50 square from Samplers and Such, Quaker Motif and Sewing Box chart. It's stitched on 32 ct. Belfast linen with Sampler Threads' Buckeye Scarlet.

Here's some progress on my HAED RR stitchery for Jan in our group. My dining room chairs just happen to be "greenman" backed. Who'd a thunk it?!! LOL So, it was the perfect place to try to get an updated picture.
Although, you really can't see the true progress on the stitching!
I'm now off to Las Vegas for several days to visit my youngest son, so you won't hear from me while I'm out there. I'm taking Nautical Journey with me. You may remember it from an earlier entry. Have been neglecting it! And, reading material...:) Can't wait for the new Harry Potter, can you other Potter fans? It seems we've waited forever!!
I want to send a cyber thanks to several friends who've kept me going in the last couple of weeks, and who've really made this week particularly happy with notes and thoughtful gestures of friendship above and beyond: Deb in CT, Queenie, Carol, Carissa, Simone, Gail, DJ, Joan, Anne, An, Jessica, Brooke, and my DH. I love you're what it's all about!!
Thank you, also, to you who are faithful friends who stop by and read my blog and leave your messages of wit, whimsy, encouragement and love. You mean so much....more than you know!!
Hugs, Deb in FL/Lavender Rose

Monday, June 11, 2007

June Stitching Progress

I really have a horrible camera, don't I? But, this is the small progress I've made this weekend on the HAED RR I'm involved in. You can see that we're really only working a 50 x 50 stitches block on 25 ct. In this case: 26 ct. The colors, of course, change by the dozens. Wish you could really see them! I love the 1 over 1sie of it all. I really think I'm getting addicted to that kind of stitching. It's so dense and pretty!

Here is my little progress this weekend on Taj Mahal, as well. I really love this piece, but am finding very little time to work on it!

I have other commitments than stitching that take so much of my time like: being the Editor of the Newsletter, and on the Board for our local ANG (American Needlepoint Guild) Gulf Coast Chapter; Coordinator of Needlers...a stitching group, and Evening Bookgroup with Naples Newcomers; and trying to keep up with lunches and visits with friends. And, also, the occasional trip to my LNS, which is an hour away!!

It's also so much a part of my life to spend time emailing with many of you, visiting your blogs and commenting on your stitching! Thank you so much for taking time from your busy lives to look at mine and for sharing your thoughts, as well. We all are so busy these days with our own commitments which are monumental. I know children, family, work and other group and church and school things take your time up, too.

So, thank you for being a big part of my life, and stopping by here!



Friday, June 8, 2007

Sometimes the World is a Strange Place

Sometimes we have to take a walk of faith. Sometimes the way is dark and the light we have is dim and shadowy, and we have to hold on to what we know, and take a walk of faith.

This has been a week of startling things for me!

It's a week when I learned that a stitching friend's son, SO and their little baby were innocently driving...and were run into by a drug dealer going 80 mph, who was being chased by the police.
My friend's son has some collar bone damage, his SO walked away with bruises, and the baby slept through everything.

It's a week when a cherub-fresh-faced-all-American young, recent High School graduate runs into a local Target to get a quick present and wrapping paper, and never comes home again.
But is stalked and murdered by another rather fresh-faced young man of 26, who looked like he could be home from college for the Summer.

It's a week when the sons of a beautiful Princess have to beg for her protection and dignity. In a world where this Princess, who loved her people, and the injured of the World and wanted only to do well, and be kind, stands to be exposed by a greedy media at her most heart-wrenching and vulnerable moment.

It's a week when motherless boys, sons of Princesses, who have had to grow up without her love, comfort, protection and counsel, have now to try to defend her against the harshness of a salacious World of vultures who circle to pick her bones.

It's a week when valiant American men who were serving their Country still remain in captivity 4 years after being caught by a drug ring in South America, and their children have grown up without them, and their wives still cry for them, and their government won't "negotiate with criminals," for their release.

It's a week when an heiress to a fortune makes headlines and takes up tv space because she cries about serving time in jail for drunk driving and risking her life and the lives of others....
while young men and women are giving their lives...their actual a war in a hot, dusty, frightening, lonely, no frills, Iraq so that she can have the right to go to Court and be treated just like everyone else.

Sometimes we have to just take a walk through the Valley of the Shadows....Sometimes we have to live and look outside of the box.


Wednesday, June 6, 2007

And the Beat Goes On!!

Today brought me another surprise package from Julie!! I can't believe how fortunate I am to have such generous friends!! She sent this darling package for my birthday including the "Irish Toast" chart and threads that are so rich in color. The cute little "blow roller" reminds me of keeping the child in us alive forever, and I just love it! Julie also reminded me she's from Kansas which is a place very dear to my heart in my life history. I was so touched by her gift and her thoughtfulness. Love you, Julie!!
Also, got a sweet note from Katrina, An, Vonna, and long notes from Simone and Patti. You all make me feel so special. Thank you for being good friends.
This is the best birthday I've ever had. I feel very blessed in family and friendships this year.
I have to share with you a funny thing: I sent my 3 children an invitation to read my blog about the trip with DH to the so-called Indian Settlement Village. My youngest son; (the one who's 30 yrs. old, a lawyer and expecting his 1st child mind you; this is not a little boy!! ) wrote back that he would never read my blog again! LOL
He said that his eyes immediately fell to the part that read that sometimes we have to "fend" and, like sex, do our wifely duty whether we want to or not! He really didn't want to read this about his mom!!! ROFL My other kids have gotten such a kick out of his response!!! My other son declares he may not want to read my blog either!! LOL

Birthday Stash from Family!!

I know I'm a very fortunate lady. My dear children and hubby are so kind to me. And, all I every really want these days is I'm easy to buy for. What could be a better match made in heaven!??? LOL
You probably recognize most of these as they are just being displayed here for your fun...but if you have any questions, just ask me in the comments. The only thing that's really unusual for me to buy is the "Wildflowers." I've never been much on this type of thing, but something about this one called out to me. I liked the whimsical placement and the berries and the soft colors, I guess. I'm looking forward to stitching it.
Here also is proof that I went on a Blackbird Designs jag. I really love them. So many of you already have them, but I didn't...I love the big book!

Oh, and the fabric they're sitting on is one that my daughter, Jessica, insisted we buy so I could stitch more Mirabilia mermaids for her on it! It's really beautiful...costs a fortune (we had to split it!) hand-dyed on opalescent...doesn't show well here... It is "Crystal Lagoon" 28 ct. Cashel by a sweet 36 x 52 piece!
Then, here is an embarrassing stack of riches in another group of charts that's an overlap from Mother's Day because Elegant Stitch was a little late in getting my order to me. But it came in time for my birthday! Yesss!
All in all...I lucked out, as they say! I'm such a happy 57ish stitching bum!! :))
I wish you all could come over and we could look at everything together and laugh and have a cup of tea or coffee and eat hot sour cream with nuts coffee cake...and stitch and see what we're working on....
Love and hugs,

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Back Home Again!

I was so delighted to arrive home from our trip to Massachusetts to sell our house (yes, we did!! Thanks be to God!!), and to find a wonderful package from my stitching friend Barbara from the Netherlands! Thank you soooo much, Barbara!!! We have the same birthday, so decided to become buddies for the occasion!

I'm collecting the "Mary Kirby" series to do for my little granddaughter, Hadley, and was so tickled that Barbara enclosed "Mary's Kirby at Home" for me. Since she and I are "Strawberry Moon" girls (according to Cherokee legend; all girls born under the Strawberry Moon are considered special and gifted spiritually)...Barbara sent a "Berry Nice Sampler" chart. And a darling, "Stitched for Your View," friendship sampler showing girls with houses--that's adorable by Becky-Boos. And, finally, Little by Little's "Lil Bo Peep Samplar" which I simply adore!!

I love every bit of the charts and especially the little pinkeep she stitched!! My photography doesn't do it justice. It is just darling with such delicate colors and on the back, Barbara has stitched one of the quotes she likes by Thomas Fuller, 1732..."Many things grow in the garden that were never sown there." I'm so fortunate to have her for a friend...all because of our love of stitching...

I was very spoiled for my birthday, as well, with friends' cards and well-wishes. Thank you for thinking of me to:

Deb in CT, Isabelle, Patti, Julie, Carol, Marlene, and Kathy.

I'm happy to be home again! Hugs, Deb