Friday, June 8, 2007

Sometimes the World is a Strange Place

Sometimes we have to take a walk of faith. Sometimes the way is dark and the light we have is dim and shadowy, and we have to hold on to what we know, and take a walk of faith.

This has been a week of startling things for me!

It's a week when I learned that a stitching friend's son, SO and their little baby were innocently driving...and were run into by a drug dealer going 80 mph, who was being chased by the police.
My friend's son has some collar bone damage, his SO walked away with bruises, and the baby slept through everything.

It's a week when a cherub-fresh-faced-all-American young, recent High School graduate runs into a local Target to get a quick present and wrapping paper, and never comes home again.
But is stalked and murdered by another rather fresh-faced young man of 26, who looked like he could be home from college for the Summer.

It's a week when the sons of a beautiful Princess have to beg for her protection and dignity. In a world where this Princess, who loved her people, and the injured of the World and wanted only to do well, and be kind, stands to be exposed by a greedy media at her most heart-wrenching and vulnerable moment.

It's a week when motherless boys, sons of Princesses, who have had to grow up without her love, comfort, protection and counsel, have now to try to defend her against the harshness of a salacious World of vultures who circle to pick her bones.

It's a week when valiant American men who were serving their Country still remain in captivity 4 years after being caught by a drug ring in South America, and their children have grown up without them, and their wives still cry for them, and their government won't "negotiate with criminals," for their release.

It's a week when an heiress to a fortune makes headlines and takes up tv space because she cries about serving time in jail for drunk driving and risking her life and the lives of others....
while young men and women are giving their lives...their actual a war in a hot, dusty, frightening, lonely, no frills, Iraq so that she can have the right to go to Court and be treated just like everyone else.

Sometimes we have to just take a walk through the Valley of the Shadows....Sometimes we have to live and look outside of the box.



Itching To Stitch said...

I could not have said it better. Thank you ;)

Vonna said...

Nicely put and I agree whole heartedly!
Thank you for writing it for us!!

Margaret said...

Beautifully said.