Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Picture Progress and Stuff

Here is absolutely the best picture in the bunch. My DH took it, of course. A gorgeous needleroll sent by my good friend Simone!! She is a master stitcher and such a good friend. I was completely taken by surprise by this one!! I love it. She and I have been stitching Chatelaine Designs for some years. This is one of Martina's "tryout" designs. The finishing is flawless!! Thank you so very much, Simone! I will cherish it always. It is so beautiful, I can never stick it with a pin!

Above is my first Fair & Square Group piece stitched for my partner...who shall remain nameless. I don't think she'll be peeking at my blog this week, and I'm sending it off to her right away. I pieced this together for the 50 x 50 square from Samplers and Such, Quaker Motif and Sewing Box chart. It's stitched on 32 ct. Belfast linen with Sampler Threads' Buckeye Scarlet.

Here's some progress on my HAED RR stitchery for Jan in our group. My dining room chairs just happen to be "greenman" backed. Who'd a thunk it?!! LOL So, it was the perfect place to try to get an updated picture.
Although, you really can't see the true progress on the stitching!
I'm now off to Las Vegas for several days to visit my youngest son, so you won't hear from me while I'm out there. I'm taking Nautical Journey with me. You may remember it from an earlier entry. Have been neglecting it! And, reading material...:) Can't wait for the new Harry Potter, can you other Potter fans? It seems we've waited forever!!
I want to send a cyber thanks to several friends who've kept me going in the last couple of weeks, and who've really made this week particularly happy with notes and thoughtful gestures of friendship above and beyond: Deb in CT, Queenie, Carol, Carissa, Simone, Gail, DJ, Joan, Anne, An, Jessica, Brooke, and my DH. I love you're what it's all about!!
Thank you, also, to you who are faithful friends who stop by and read my blog and leave your messages of wit, whimsy, encouragement and love. You mean so much....more than you know!!
Hugs, Deb in FL/Lavender Rose


Michelle said...

Beautiful needleroll. I may have to finish mine that way (once I stitch it!!) Your chairs are gorgeous too, such unique pieces. Your Fair and Square partner is going to be well-please with what you've stitched for that red!

Barbara said...

I hope you have a WONDERFUL time with your son in Las Vegas!!!

Vonna said...

Your needle roll is spectacular :)
I love the square you I'm going to have to go look up who your partner is ;)
And I hope you had a wonderfully good time in Las Vegas! And remember what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas...but if you'd like to share....LOL!!!!

Lavender Rose said...

Thanks, girls. My oh are naughtier than I thought..."what happens in Vegas, etc.." hmmm Maybe we should all plan a Stitcher's Retreat there some year????


Isabelle said...

What a beautiful needleroll. Deb, I wanted to send you a little something but I have lost your address...

I do hope all is well with you. Have a wonderful time in Vegas.

Julie said...

Hi Deb, Las Vegas? I'm jealous!
Your friend stitched a beautiful needleroll, its very nice. As is your F&S block.

Carol said...

What a gorgeous needleroll!

tkdchick said...

Wow! Beautiful NR from your friend Simone!

Your fair and square looks great!