Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Scattering of Odd Pictures

There are lots of goodies to see here. All except stitching because I'm nearing the finish of several pieces and I don't want to show them, yet!
The books below are some new ones I've just downloaded (cheaply! Love it!)from my "Stella" Kindle...and synced with "Brindle" (named that for=best friend's kindle).
I believe I told Nicole if I eventually get a Nook, I'd have to name her "Newella." It's a cross between "new" and a reminder of "Stella," but also "Cruella," because it would just be cruel if I have to purchase another one just to get a portable library ebook carrier!!! Oh, well.... Anyway, the following are some of the new books I'm adding on my Summer Vampire Reading List. :] See the Amazon link to the side here if you want to read reviews on these books...

I want to introduce you to Elaine's and my dear friend, Darlene. She is the other friend of Elaine's who helped take care of her throughout all the times over the past several years. We were a fast and close threesome. Darlene is doing a good job of keeping me pasted together these days...and I think I help her, too. We miss Elaine an awful lot. She still seems to be around us...in fact I've had a "visit." If you want more information on that, you'll have to email me privately.

I'm adding this humorous one because here I am looking like something the cat dragged in and responding to a man who's just randomly come up to say how happy and "pretty" I look cooking there for everyone....and, my friend, Evonna is standing to my side wearing the itsy bitsy bikini. Which girl was he really admiring???!!! :P

Clara on the beach at Sanibel Island. She and "daddy" were having an outing.

This is my youngest son, David, with his new son and my baby grand, David John. He is little brother to Jack, who is only 2 1/2 himself. We're just thrilled to have him! They tell me he has red hair! I love that! David John's beautiful mother, Adrianne, has strawberry blond hair... :]


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

Clara looks like she's having a great time in the water ~ I love Sanibel ~ have only been once but hope to go back one day. Your new grand baby and his daddy are both so handsome! Congratulations!!!

Missy aka Birdy said...

OMGoodness that picture is too funny. I would have thought the sane thing!!
Clara looks as if the ocean is her own lap pool.

Congratulation on the newest blessing in your life.


Kelly said...

Great pictures! Congratulations on the new grand baby. We are still trying to get down and we will have to shop. My parents are down this week. I just had them ship the golf clubs because our summer is booking so fast I am not sure we will be down until Thanksgiving or Christmas. I heard you guys are hot!! Enjoy your summer.

Lynn said...

Congratulations on your new grandchild! Both he and his Daddy are good lookers!

Suzanne said...

Congratulations on your new grandson, what a cutie!

Kathy A. said...

Congratulations Gramma!!!!
What a great little guy.

mainely stitching said...

What a fun assortment of photos, Deb. And your newest grandson is GORGEOUS! :D

Siobhan said...

Best of wishes and all of God's blessings for your new baby grandson and his family! What a fantastic picture of him and his daddy. :)

Love the beach pics, and the book tips! I am sure Elaine is watching over you, watching over her pup. Big hugs.

Heidi said...

What a beautiful grandbaby! You must be smitten. I see your dog playing with what looks like a jellyfish? Yikes! I got bit by one when I was a girl and it was NOT fun.

Have a great weekend!

Hugs from Holland ~

Carol R said...

Great pictures Deb - thanks for sharing . You have such a handsome son and adorable new grandson!

Especially love the pictures of Clara doing the 'Sanibel Stoop!' Tell her I will join her in the fall.

Kellie said...

The Passage is on my "to read" list too. :) I have a nook and being able to use the library for books is one of many great features. :) I would be surprised if Kindle didn't eventually upgrade their device so that it is library ebook friendly as well.

What a cute sweet grandbaby. He is adorable!!

tintocktap said...

Just popping by to say hello while I have a little time - a rare occurrence these days! Congrats on the new grandson - he looks a little cutie!

Marie-P said...

Let me say, you have a handsome new grand baby plus a handsome son. :)

I love the pics of Clara, Yup...she looks like lily!

Thanks for sharing pics of yourself, love to see you. :) I am terrible about that (as you know).

As for who that guy was admiring....My bet is on YOU!

Glad that you and Darlene have one another to lean on.

Have a great weekend dear friend~
email re: that visit.

Le blog de marylin said...

Oh the dog is magnificent! Too much pussy
Best regards marylin