Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary!

RE: Elaine's Quilt Progress: These little triangles of fabric above are from Kristin B. of http://quiltinginthegreenmountains.blogspot.com/ . Please go by and check out her site. Thanks, Kristin!
Major Confession From Deb: What's been happening is that I've been photoing the squares and then taking them over to Elaines in groups, so I've gotten confused. I think I may have taken some over before photos and labeling. Stacy is one who's contributed two times to the Project and I think I really messed up her squares. Please forgive me Stacy!! If I've screwed anyone else up, will you please straighten me out in the comments???

Lookee, lookeee, what Elaine got from Marie P.!! Isn't it the most darling? The bag is so beautiful, and I think it has very special bookmarks in it for one thing. Marie told me one is an angel...and I know Elaine will love that.

Elaine has already seen some of the Quilt pieces and her little gifts of tissues and the personal notes. You all should see the look on her face and the tears and smiles. She is just tickled. She keeps saying, "You'll help me, won't you? I have to write a note of thanks for your blog." We will certainly get to that....but we'll wait a couple of weeks, as I know more squares and things are still coming in from you all.

Your thoughtfulness and generosity has meant so much to me and to Elaine. Stitching friends are the most kind of friends...and the most caring. I appreciate those of you who've also shared Elaine's Quilt story with others for thoughts and prayers to come her way. Thank you all. :]

This beautiful bag and pin cushion set from Marie just blew me away. Isn't it awesome?!! I simply adore it and it's on the arm of my stitching recliner as we speak! It's so beautifully finished; she's amazing. Nobody who knows me can deny my love of reading and I never seem to have enough bookmarks. It just takes a real friend to realize how much I love pretty ones!!! Thank you a really whole bunch for all our gifts, Marie, dear.
Above-- Stacy and Marie P. sent gobs of squares for Elaine's Quilt in these lovely shade of lavenders, blues, pinks and greens. Marie actually topped the scale with a huge bundle of the blues and different colors, so we really don't need more pieces! Stacy contributed twice to the Project. Thanks again to both of you!

The stitching is my WIP - Chatelaine Design's "Convent Garden," from years ago. It just was a good background to highlight the squares! LOL

Below-- Another couple from: Jeanne Marynowski

From: Karen V. , with a very sweet note. :)

From: Cynthia M. Aren't the squares beautiful!? These little tissue packs are darling, too.

From: Wendy B. I love this center basket! These will be just gorgeous in the Quilt.
See Marie's stack at the bottom!?
So, all of these above are our latest and really beautiful contributions to Elaine's Quilt. The sweet response has been so awesome and kind. I'm beginning the stitching and we have plenty, now to stitch it for Elaine....so, I don't believe any more squares are necessary. I'm so grateful to all of you who have opened your hearts and given these gifts to Elaine in this time of her need. God Bless you each and everyone. And, also, to those of you who think of her and send her little birds of thoughts, and dear prayers...I know the Lord honors those, too, and they are so important.
Thank you, my special friends.
Now, coming full circle from my blog title, is Mary Wigham. Poor MW...I've hardly had a chance to spend time with her and I'm feeling so guilty. She seems to hide behind my other stitching responsibilities and WIPs, and she gets so little attention for that reason! I do wish she wouldn't be so contrary!! DH gave me this little Staffordshire girl as a first gift when started to see eachother years ago. I imagine she IS Mary Wigham!!

Take care, dear stitching friends,

Hugs, Deb


Marie-P said...

Please know that my thoughts will continue to be with Elaine! You are certainly a shining light in her life...what a friend! :)

Brigitte said...

I love to see all the contributions on your blog. This quilt will be a wonderful treasure for Elaine.

Margaret said...

Wonderful! It's always wonderful to see all the generous people out there. The quilt is going to be gorgeous! I'm sure Mary understands being neglected. She's pretty though!

Tammy said...

What beautiful fabrics and squares! Mary can handle being the in the background for such a worthy project.

Tracey said...

Hi Deb! Just got your blog link via the Jane Austen stitching group- where is the original post about Elaine's quilt? I would love to know the story!