Friday, January 30, 2009

Quakers & New Stuff to Show You

*Bumps in the Night has to wait until next blog entry!!!! I mean it!!!

I love this Crown & Thistle chart "Quaker Seasons!" I'm thinking I'll use this opalescent fabric with Gloriana "Winter Brook," and DMCs Variations in 4070 and 4045. Not sure, but if I make the purse, it will definately be an evening purse. I'm going to start with the beeskeep first as a needlebook.

From our Quaker Friendship Sampler RR, this is my work on Martha's (Gone Stitchin' Instead of Just a Wishin') piece. She has chosen to use simply DMC 310 black on an antique beige ground. It's very strong and quaker looking, actually. I'm enjoying working on this one.Here is the Beatrix Potter Quaker Sampler SAL piece I'm working with our group, formed by Hazel. I've had fits with getting a fabric that can make me happy! This is just a temporary one...I'm waiting for a shipment from Silkweaver's which is backordered from Wichert!! UGH! I'm noticing that this fabric looks lavenderish, but it's actually white.

Now some stashing and gift pictures! French designs just slay me! I couldn't resist the "Ballade aux fraises" in particular by Tournic Ot On. It has most of my favorite elements: a little person of the girl persuasion, strawberries, a house of yellow and blue, pinks and reds..... It's just about perfect! :) And, isn't the flimsy little Christmas tree adorable, too?
I got such a health boost to find I had won on Barbara's (Mainely Stitching) site a few weeks ago in her verrrry well attended/participated draw. Lookie, lookie at my preeties from her. She sent some of the DMC linen floss which is so delicate and yummy in pinks and lavenders, don't you think? Thank you so much, Barbara. It all made me feel so good at heart....and your sweet note meant a great deal to me. I cherish our friendship. Kisses..
Patti (Tapestry of Dreams) is another long-time friend, and such a constant one to me. She sent me a gift certificate and I got the 2 above Mirabilia beauties in her honor. Thank you so much, Patti!! I just love them and you! Your notes and everything has been a big part of my recovery. It's like "As the World Turns" with us!!! LOL
PS: The necklace is one of my new designs using Swavarski crystals, crystal baqettes, faceted glass beads, Chinese cultured pearls, and Mother of Pearl with delica beads.
More new stash in these Dickens charts which I couldn't resist. If I ever get a chance, I want to stitch all of the "mitten" series from Cricket. I just don't want to make ornaments of them. If anyone has an idea of how we could stitch some piece out of them, please let me know. There are so many going back years! They're adorable.
Giulia of GPA has this amazing sewing set out with a Halloween motif and it's so special and different I had to have it. When I placed an order for it and her "Adam and Eve Etui" she spoiled me with more gifts. She is always spoiling me!! Thank you again, dear Giulia. :] In the center is Giulia's "Adam & Eve Etui" chart which is so beautifully charted. She also sent these other two as gifts. Aren't they great? I think the Santa looks very Italian with his bargello base and medallion sides.
Oh....I have more pictures and more stories to tell you, but not tonight. Please do stay tuned because I have a MYSTERY to share with you about a stalker !!! Hereby giving notice to all stitching Nancy Drews!!
Hugs, Deb


Jessica said...

This is so great. I love the last paragraph. So cute Mom. Hey, I love the new Mirabilia mermaid! ;P

Stitching Cat said...

Deb -- great to *see* you again. Love the Adam and Eve chart, the Halloween etui (both on my must get list!), the Dicken's mittens, the sweet little French Xmas tree, and the Quaker Seasons. I just got that chart the other day! Miss you and hope all is well. Love you, Deb

samplerlover said...

Hey Deb,
What a great collection of stash. Love your new necklace. It is lovely.
Been having trouble with the rotten computer. All the photo's on your blog came out except the one with the Dickens charts. With your mitten series from Cricket, you could either sew them on pieces of linen and then frame them into one of those frames that you can buy where you put a collection of photos in (10 or so). Or you could do them all on a large piece of linen with a simple border around each of them eg like Houses of Hawk Hollow Run if you know what I mean.
Also if you check out Gigi on Line (you can hopefully get to it via my blog, Scroll down to 3 dates i.e. 1 Oct, 23 Aug and 16 July. Gigi has down a collection of work on one piece of linen. The 2nd is all Prairie Schooler Santas and the 16th is a collection of Blackbird Designs. Quite amazing.
I have finished my Sarah Moon and I am now working on Elizabeth Cox. Hopefully I will be able to post early next week.
Love your Quaker Frendship sampler. We both must be in a Quaker Mood. I will have to get my Beatrix out soon and do some more on her as well.
Glad to hear that you are feeling alot better. Can tell by the stitching. - Take care - Sandra.

karenv said...

You got some lovely stash! Those Quaker pieces are coming along really well, love the colour you've chosen for BP :)

Patti said...

I really love everything you got. You are so very welcome for the gift certificate - it really was my pleasure. I can't believe that 'As The World Turns' is still on! It isn't is it? It's freezing here - we are in for some real snow apparently so this country will grind to a halt so fast. I love looking at the snow but not going out in it that's for sure. Anyway I'm so glad that you finally back again. Lots and Lots of love Patti xxxx

Cindy F. said...

Great new stash!! I see several things I really "need"!!
Pretty progress on your Quaker piece:)
Can't wait to hear your "stalker" story:)

mainely stitching said...

Oh, you've had such yummy stash coming your way, Deb! I'm so happy for you. How ARE you feeling these days? I've been thinking of you. ((((HUGS!))))

A stalker? Yikes!

LODY said...

I enjoyed reading your post as always! You've been spoiled but you deserve it.:) I love all your new stash...
The necklace is stunning... so feminine and the colors are perfect for spring!
I hope everything's well now, health-wise. Lots of hugs from snowy Iowa!

Von said...

So many wonderful new things to add to your stitching stash! But you really are naughty to tease us so. Don't make us wait too long for your next post! :D

tintocktap said...

Wow - look at all that gorgeous new stash, Deb - lucky you! You've got me thinking about those Cricket Collection mittens now .... and I love those GPA designs too! And the Quaker Seasons, and of course, your beautiful stitching too. Lovely to see you back again, and I'm looking forward to hearing more about that mystery!

Sally said...

Good to se you back Deb.

Love all your new stash and your WIPs are gorgeous.

Nicole said...

Hi Deb!!

It's so great to see you posting! I love all your wips and all your new stash! You got some great things! I miss you! I hope to go down to FL in April. Hopefully we can meet up!

Nicole :)

Kajsa said...

I'm happy to see you posting! Lovely new stash, I love those seasonal quakers too.

Giulia Manfredini said...

My dear Deborah,
I hope you are doing better and better! I am glad that you liked the charts and I'll be here for help in case any problem arises.
My husband and I are leaving for the Nashville show in 12 hours and I am so happy to be able to meet again all my dearest friends designers and our distributor, Norden Crafts. The show is a sort of super-speed lovely nightmare or dream. I'll be totally unable to sleep because I get too excited and it is one of the times I feel very happy and rewarded!
I have five new designs with accessories. It was a lot of work, but we made it..... Judy Odell was a true genius and friend!
I have packed almost everything, I have also shipped some books and beads and I'll cross my fingers that nothing get lost
I can send you a nice report if you wish as soon as I am back.
I love your Country and it is always very rewarding for me and my husband to touch the ground of United States. Besides I'll be closer to you!
I wish we could meet some day. It would be so lovely.......
Bye, gotta do my PPP (packing, printing and praying I do not forget anything).

Heidi said...

How are you? Are you back in stitching mode now? I cannot believe your stash. I don't know how you choose which to do first. The Quakers are fab! I love any Quakers but that hornbook is just great.

Hugs ~

Kathy A. said...

Hi hon it is nice to have you back and posting again.
Do you realize how good you make me feel this morning? I bought a new pattern just recently to add to my enormous stash and was kicking myself. Then I read your blog, see your stash and pat myself on the back very smugly for only buying one.
Love your new stitching progress and look forward to more of your beautiful work.

Annemarie said...

There's so much to comment on in this post that I will just say: all of it looks and sounds great. Perhaps some sort of Round Robin for the mittens? I love them too :o)
I'm very, very glad that you seem to be getting better, health-wise!