Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th! and some stitching updates

I'm nearly finished with my block (upper middle section) of Carol S.'s piece in our Neighborhood RR. Carol's starting pic is the one in the 2nd row in the middle with the crows~ so I need to add lots of creatures to my block!

Here's a stitching update on my Cirque des C. In real life it's much more interesting than it appears in this picture. I'm beginning to really be happy with it. Can't wait to spend more time working on it. It's a very enjoyable piece to work, but mine is taking "think time" as well as stitching time with all the blended metallics and varigated threads.
Did I tell you I'm in the middle of reading this book? I've finished "Brethren" by Robyn Young. It was very interesting and I was simply entranced by the storyline and the characters. A very good book for those who enjoy historical fiction with a light love story included.

Anyway, "Skeletons at the Feast" has been sitting on my Kindle "Stella," waiting for me to finish it for nearly 3 weeks. It's a great book, but I've been stolen away on the kidnapped children and Knights Templar track...don't know why.... This book by Chris Bohjalian is actually better written than his "Midwives..." book of some fame, written years ago.

Closing with a new picture of our group miracle baby, Kellan! That's a little crab on his onesie....:] Joy to the world~ Deb


Barbara said...

Wonderful to hear from you - and fantastic to see a picture of Kellan! He looks great!!

Jenn said...

Kellan is getting so big!! I love the house you've chosen for Carols RR.

Sally said...

Lovely progress on the RR and CdC!

Kellan is such a wee cutie!

monique said...

Sweet pic of Kellen! Your CdC is so pretty :)

Crazee4books said...

Hi Deb,

Aww...Kellan is looking so
sweet in the picture. He's
such a cutie. Love the dark

I read Chris Bohjalian's
book Midwives a few years ago
and enjoyed it. It was given
to me by someone who'd picked
it up but never gotten around
to reading it. I'll have to
check this one out now. And
Brethren too.

Your Cirque looks quite
intriguing. I wish the stitching
showed up better in the picture.
This must be gorgeous with the
metallic and variegated threads.

Carol's Neighbourhood RR is
looking quite pretty and your
piece is a very nice addition.
Love the little lady standing
next to her house. And is that
a little bunny I see under the

Hope you and your family had a
wonderful fourth of July day
with all the fun and good food
and family that it entails.


Georgie said...

Kellan is just gorgeous! I love what you are working on! Fantastic colours on Cirque, it is going to be STUNNING!

Vonna said...

Lookie there at that sweet boy ;)
He's doing fine isn't it he?! I knew it would be fine! PERFECT ;)
I'm so happy for everyone, please tell your daughter HURRAY from me!

Marie-P said...

Kellan is so sweet and quite beautiful!

Carol's NRR is looking good! I like what you have done thus far on it...Time is ticking and I need to get going on my piece...Yikes!

Cirque ~ what a gorgeous design! Vonna is doing this as well, hers is on black!

Cheryl said...

Just catching up on your blog and your wonderful news! Congratulations to your daughter and all the family! Im 14 weeks pregnant now!

Carol said...

So fun to see my RR again!

Wendy said...

Carol's RR is looking awesome....but I have to say the real work of art is sweet baby Kellan!

Kathy A. said...

Lovely choice on Carol's RR. You always do the loveliest pieces.
You sure have been on a reading binge. It is phenomenal the number of books you have chosen.
Kellan looks positively handsome. With all those angels looking after him, he will continue to thrive Im sure.

Lynn said...

Your Cirque is looking lovely! It is so much prettier when you see it in person. Pictures can't do the colours justice.
Baby Kellan is a real cutie! I'll bet you're enjoying every minute with him.

tkdchick said...

Carol's RR is looking great and I bet your CDC is stunning in person!

Itching To Stitch said...

Your WIP's look awesome. And your grandbaby is beautiful!! I've left a surprise for you on my blog ;)

Kajsa said...

Nice progress on the RR and Cdc! Kellan is a cutie too!