Monday, January 14, 2008

Paper Dresses Start-Up!

Remember some months ago when I mentioned starting a Paper Dresses exchange or RR group? Well, Heather (of Jeweled Elegance) and I are forming the group. So, if any of you are interested now, please email me. We are planning to work it like the typical RR, and in the planning phase right now. Your input will be valuable as we put it together.

So far we know this:
1) We will have a blog site
2) We need to come up with an official name.... any suggestions?
3) Our dresses will be theme-based, and our first theme is: Marie Antoinette - This may be in a series called Favorite Queens and Harpies or something...:)
4) We will do the RR rotation every 2 months throughout 2008 to start
5) Once we establish members this month, we will have to close the group

Come join us. It's going to be fun!! And, we're going to make them textured and stitched, too! I intend to put fabrics, stitches, beads and silk ribbons on mine.

Note to those of you who've asked: I can't remember which link it was that I took to get the Henry VIII wife test. Do you know, Harmien??? Help, anyone who does know or remember! I think it's fun for all of us to have our Henry-wife identities!! Please do comment here once you find out.

Love and hugs to all you dear, and faithful friends in our stitching circle around the world, Deb

New quote of my week: "The library is inhabited by spirits that come out of the pages at night." Isabel Allende


Crazee4books said...

Hi Deborah,

Sunday night I logged onto my computer, read the comments existing on it at that point, and then started browsing through my favourite blogs, catching up on all their news.

After catching up on your blog I decided it was time for bed and returned to my blog to sign off and discovered that you'd probably been reading my blog while I'd been reading yours, and you'd left a first time comment/greeting.

So, hello. Thank you for coming over for a visit. And for leaving such a nice comment. I've been reading your blog for a few months now, and I've been fascinated by your various interests and by what an amazing needleworker you are.

And we share a love of books, and of history as well. I too read about some of the most incredible women of history, mostly Queens of England, France, Scotland or Russia. I'm something of a Richard III supporter too, and like a good read about him. Eleanor of Aquitaine, and Elizabeth I of England are also subjects that I can never read enough about.

I love how your stitching often reflects your love of history.

The paper dresses RR is a wonderful idea, and I can't wait to see what all of the participants come up with. Very unique, and cool.

I'll be visiting your stitching and book blogs whenever I can. Good luck with War and Peace by the way.

Cheers. said...

This is tempting........How many do you think you'll have in it? I love paper doll dresses!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you're branching out in a big way, Deb. Books, paper dresses... what's next...LOL?!! Have fun with it all!!
This is where I found the Henry VIII quiz:

Barbara said...

Still don't dare join this exchange, but I will love seeing what you all come up with!!

Jacque said...


I'm so envious of you and others that are so multi-talented...I'm just a stitcher and a decorator. I'm going to be needing a new keyboard (drool is BAD!) before your RR is over, I'm sure!

So glad you joined the JA group...there are few familiar faces, but so glad to see yours! Let me know when you start the MQS casket and perhaps we can stitch it together!

Judith said...

Just wanted to thank you for the package I received I love everything. I somehow can't get an e-mail out to you.

Linda said...

I just found your wonderful blog and couldn't be more excited! I am new to exchanges so don't know the jargon exactly. What is an RR group exactly? Is it a simple swap? I would love to participate if you are interested in beginners and if there is still room for more. I will stay tuned for more news.