Friday, January 18, 2008

Joe Ruggerio?

When the picture is this bad of all three of you, you just wonder whether it should be posted....and, yet. How can I share with my blogging friends if I don't!!??

I decided it would be a good day's outing for Elaine (right front) if I took her and our best other friend, Darlene (right front), to a presentation luncheon by Joe Ruggerio at the International Design Center here in our area. Joe was there in person introducing his new line of fabrics for fade, no stain, was bound to be a fun day with a free lunch!!! No matter what!

We started out by my introducing the girls to Joe. I introduced myself to him by saying, "I'm the owner of the teeniest-tinest design shop in all of Naples! And, these are my friends and clients...etc....." To which Joe replies, "Oh, no, you aren't the tinest shop!! (Him:Laugh, laugh!) I'm sure I heard someone talking about you at dinner last night! This is a small town, and I know I've heard of you!" Yeah, right, must say that to all the girls.... Elaine and Darlene escape stage right... Smart cookies that they are, they go after the better choice; drinks. I stay to placate Joe, as I'm now the only one talking to him.

Deb escapes after a few minutes of sharing "things that are inspiring design today," towit, I mention our "Queens & Harpies: Altered Paper Dresses w/Panache" to Joe for inspiration. :9 He looks at me with great glee and interest until the former editor of Better Homes and Gardens walks up asking, "What? Which Studio?" A very timely entrance as I have just mentioned "Somerset Studio" as the place to get inspired....(ROFL) Joe. And, she completely throws cold water on my game, and Joe catches on...and so, I have to move on.... :)

Me laughing too big at the farce of it all and adding 10 lbs. to my picture, with the kindly and encouraging Joe! Remember him on HGTV and Oprah?

We had a scrumptious luncheon of cream puffs drizzled with chocolate, strawberries dipped in chocolate, brownies; oh yes, and salad, chicken roll ups and other fancy things. Then, we walked all over the design center running our hands over the latest silk fabrics (with and without embroideries), new tassels and trims, furniture, and artwork, and pretty little things found in every corner...including small, beautifully packaged little chocolates at Kravet Fabrics.

At Pierre Dieux, Darlene picked out a gorgeous country french chandelier for her dining room in brushed/antiqued pewter...roosters, wheat and pierced shades.

Alas, the time was over when my back started giving me fits, so we went home happily with hand-outs, chocolates, and fun memories!

Wish you were there. If my camera had had more discs, I would have taken more pictures. I'm going back with Jessica this week, and will do that.

BTW, good news!!! Jess has a new blog of her own. Please go see her!
Hugs, Deb aka The Reluctant Interior Designer


Carol said...

Well now Deb! I don't think that is a bad photo at all - I think it is actually fantastic! {{{HUGS}}} - I am so sorry I am so far behind in blogs, and hope all is well with you :-)

Von said...

Sounds like loads of fun, Deb! :D

Barbara said...

Were there chocolates there? ;)

The Silver Thistle said...

I think it's a great photo! You always look cute in your pics :)

So. Chocolate huh? No wonder you're all smiles, lol.

I've got a little sweet tooth, but it's the sound of the chicken wraps that have got me drooling, ahahah.

Just went to visit with Jessica and am really looking forward to hearing her news. She'll have fun playing on blogger, but remember to warn her how addictive it is, heheheh.

Kathy A. said...

Chocolate did I hear the word chocolate!!!!
Looks like you and the girls had a great day.

Karin said...

Sounds like a fantastic time - especially the chocolate!

Kajsa said...

Sounds like a great day! You look pretty as always.

Wanda said...

The photo is not bad, you ladies look lovely. Sounds like you had a lovely day with friends.

Wendy said...

Great pictures, Deb! It sounds like such a fun day with your pals.

Michelle said...

Sounds like a fun day! I do remember him from HGTV!