Monday, September 3, 2007

Just Playing Today!

Just look at this beautiful poster for "The Cat Who Wouldn't Come Inside!" It's a darling musical art story for children. You just have to see it and the makings of the characters by the sweet artist and her sister. All the figures are handmade, and their clothing is too. I just loved reading about the process and seeing it done. I hope you will, too. The addy is:

Another fun stop and ooo and ahhh visit is at Heather's Pretty Petals Boutique of Antique and Vintage Linens, Laces, etc... She has some amazing things to look at. The trims and trinkets are so pretty. Find her at

Yes, I really did have a needlework shop online and in my home in MA, called CabbageRose Needlework. It's been more than 3 years closed, now. But, I do have lots of Anchor floss left! LOL
These are Alice Schroth sampler threads that I used to carry. They are so wonderful to work with and such beautiful colors. Thought you might like to see them. If you're interested in trying them, we could see if Alice is still selling them. Doesn't she display them so nicely?

Deb in CT, LOL, I knew you would recognize me with the pink fan!!! And, you are there with your grey fan in the back. Wonder whoelse will identify themselves in the next day or so????

Love and happy stitching to all. Keep sending me your comments and messages, I love to hear from you, because the more I know about you...the closer friends we become!



Ranae said...

Hi! Deb, thanks for the links, I will have to check them out. Wow! Those threads look great. Love the display. That's an awsome photo with the fans. "Forgiveness" is a beautiful design. I am looking for "From This Day Forward, but its hard to find.
Have a great week.

Barbara said...

Oh gosh, that is indeed a very lovely display!!

Annemarie said...

Hello Deb, I just had a lovely time catching up with your blog. Love the pictures, and oh my gosh, that quilt for Jessica is amazing! I can't wait to see the quilts you will make for Baby Jack!

Wendy said...

Amazing displays! Do you miss your little shop, Deb?

Lauren said...

That's an amazing display! Thanks for all the links - you always find such beautiful things!

Jenn said...

The name of your shop rings a bell. In you picture i'm the girl on the left with the blue fan. You didn't know it was me cause my face is almost completely hidden. :)

Heather said...

I just love your blog and all of your posts!! I went and ordered the angel ornaments ~ all four!! I love finding about new, beautiful pieces!!
Heather ~ I'll be e-mailing yuo about the French chart :)
Where did this photo come from of the girl stitching? It is just darling!!

Lavender Rose said...

I thought that was you behind that fan! You are always so coy! What a flirt!