Saturday, September 8, 2007


Answers to some questions and comments:

I'm going to email Brooke about that Halloween girl, Julie! I think she might like that idea now that she's finished with her sampler for The Gift of Stitching.

I haven't yet bought the German Band Sampler by Alyce Schroth. I'm planning on getting it when my funds get replenished sometime this month. DH is on my case about why I need so much stuff! I don't know about you all, but I've failed to explain it to him after all these years.....:[

Jessica loves her quilt!! She has asked me to add somemore borders and layers to it, however, so it will be another couple of weeks before it's finished. I've told several of you that's what I get for having my children grow up with quilts, and knitted and crocheted afghans...they know what to expect!! LOL

The Mermaid chart I used for Monique's Square is by: Birds of a Feather and is called "Good Things." I'm not particularly fond of the whole chart, but I collect mermaid charts and I thought she was darling. I had to cover her tatas!! LOL And, I used my own choices of Sampler Threads. You'll see further embellishments when she's finished.

The Neighborhood RR I'm stitching for Wendy is "Rose Cottage Sampler" by Chessie & Me. I just love it! Hope Wendy does, too. I'm debating using silk ribbon on the roses.... And, I'm going to add rabbits on a lawn that's done in flame stitch with three colors of GAST....and something else...a surprise.

I answered the question about the difference between tying a quilt and regular quilting, via email, and if anyone else wants an answer, please email me.

Isabelle was kind enough to send me a translation of the instructions for the French Sampler we all loved, that I posted below. If any of you want some of the details about materials, etc., please email me. It was really helpful to me! Thank you, Isabelle!! :)

I find pictures all over the internet, and I especially try to capture pictures of ladies and girls stitching. I'm sorry I don't know where I find them....I'm bad about noting that. But, I don't mind sharing, so please feel free to take any pictures you like from my blog and use them yourselves!

Sending love and hugs!


Barbara said...

No spouse can understand the need for stash, unless he (or she) has a hobby that requires a certain amount of collecting also. ;)

Miokka said...

I didn't know you were a mermaid collector! Me too... you know what my most favorite floss in the whole wide world is????
I'll tell you tomorrow!

Kathy said...

Even if you explained the need for stash to your spouse, they still would not understand. I just keep adding to the stash.

Jenn said...

Thanks for the info on the mermaid chart. I'm going to have to look for that one.

Lauren said...

The mermaid chart is lovely! That's definitely going on my wish list.