Thursday, August 9, 2007

Treasure from Carol and in Tins

Look at this beautiful get well RAK that came today from Carol!! It was so unexpected and I love it to pieces! It's a little mattress pincushion, which she says is her first. It doesn't look like her first! It's just impeccably stitched and finished. I adore it!! This is the only one I have, and it will always be precious to me because Carol stitched it with me in mind. I'm so grateful for our friendship. Look at the pretty card, too! Thank you, Carol, I'm really humbled by your generosity and care for me. I'm sure Carol has a better picture on her Garden of Stitches blog...go see it!
Of course, you can't have helped noticing my new tin collection above, can you? Deb in MO was so kind to me, and sent me the coppery Whitman's tin which I think is so vintage looking and wonderful. I can't wait to put some stitching in it. It's a treasure and I just can't believe Deb would favor me with the tin in her random act of kindness. Thank you so much, Deb. You are a special friend, and a treasure in yourself, coming from MO!! xxoo
Then, that gorgeous, huge Whitman Sampler tin is from my dear friend, Martha!! Oh, I just love it! She shocked me with this one. When she said she'd found a tin at the flea market or Goodwill or something, that she'd give me for my collection, I thought I would die with excitement. But, when she pulled this one out, I was stunned!! It's so big and I just can't wait to make some stitchery for it. Martha, what can I say, you are amazing!
The other tins are some from my collection. My best friend in New England, Deb in CT, will testify that I'm a tin and box collector from way back! I just love pretty containers! So, I found the little black one years ago at an antique shop, and the Quimper tin came from a french bakery shop in Las Vegas that my son took me to. It's his favorite coffee and snack place on his way to work. I love this Quimper tin. Don't know if there are other images. It came with delicious butter cookies, too!! Yum!
Then, the box and chocolate brown is one i found at Target. The colors are so cool. I tend to love this french blue, chocolate, and pinks....or deep, rich jewel tones. Seems to depend on which Gemini mindset is most dominant!! LOL But, my desk, where the box now sits, is mostly these pinks, french blues and a jumble such in patterns. Revisit my old blog entries to see the mess, new friends!! LOL
I'm so enjoying everybody's summer pictures and stitching on your blogs. Barbara's children are adorable, the vacation pictures are so stunning, and your gardens are in splendor with blooms and veggies! You've made my summer such a rich and full one. Thank you each and every one for taking time to share your pictures with me and your other stitching friends.
So many of you have blogged pictures of finishes in stitching, and great progress in your big projects. It's inspiring and wonderful to see. I'm wishing you lots of fairy helpers to speed your stitching along even when you're sleeping!
And finally, I truly want to thank those of you who continue to send me lovely cards and emails and treats for get well messages. I'm just now feeling a little post trauma sadness. It's no fun being sick. To which I add, please keep feeling better, Becky, I'm thinking of you.
Sending love and hugs to all,


Carol said...

Aw, you are so welcome! Yep, it was my first :-) Karen V helped me out with one area I could not quite figure out - LOL!! {{{hugs}}}

Anonymous said...

That's a wonderful get well gift, Deb. Now please do as you're told and get well soon... :o)
That bright yellow box is beautiful!

Vonna said...

What lovely tins and gifts! You sure have some very dear friends :)
Lovely, lovely stuff!

Patti said...

Oh you lucky lucky girl. What lovely things have come your way lately and I love the tins. I have just started collecting them and I will have three, soon. I bought them off of Ebay.

Lots of love

Patti xxx

Tannia said...

Lucky you :) I'm glad you're starting to feel brighter too :)


Katrina said...

Everything is so pretty, love the mattress. Glad you are feeling better :-).

Sally said...

What beautiful gifts you have received Deb:) Hope you are gradually feeling better.

Meari said...

What great gifts you received! I have some of those same tins also. :)