Thursday, December 2, 2010

Midnight in the Land of "Twilight!"

"What if Bella had a little sister? What if after Bella married Edward and was changed, her sister moved to Forks? In this story all of that happens. In this story there is even a love triangle for Bella’s sister Arabella. Seth Clearwater who was once a minor character now comes to the forefront. Seth begins to fall in love with Arabella and she falls for him. But, Arabella also falls in love with the Cullen's newest family member Cyrus Hale. Arabella must choose who she will love. ... "

Oh, my! This could be a very intriguing series, couldn't it?? I'm reading this new, self-published little volume put out on BookRix which is a wonderful site for downloading such books.

One of my first YA novels reviewed on this site, I hope to return to you with a review that will at least put a buzzzzzz in your ears!

Leave me a comment and tell me what you think about this idea of spintering off of "Twilight." :]

Your Bookish Dame/Deb

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Melissa said...

You know I actually love the idea and started reading it!!! I giggle every time she's called Baby Bell though LOLLLLLLLLL Love it! It's fun!