Sunday, May 30, 2010

DH and Diamonds on the Beach & Bookish Thoughts

Aren't these gorgeous book covers? Really, some of them could just make a wonderful framed grouping for our bedrooms, couldn't they? And, Lauren Willig is such an interesting and good author, too. Below is an early book and it's cover dating back to 2005. There is an updated cover which you probably would find in most bookstores.

".... friend Jane Austen had warned her..." Do we really need to read more than that to get us to pick up this new book? :] It's coming out later this year. I for one will be saving my pennies.

Lauren Willig is a great author of historical mystery novels with a creamy dollop of romance. (oooo...that sounded worse than I meant in the context, please forgive! ) If you go to her website you will find the most interesting visual and her thoughts on different covers for different years and issues of her books. I find this sort of thing fascinating, particularly with books that I love to read like eating M&Ms on a summer day! If you haven't tried one of her books....I started with the Secret of the Pink Carnation and really got hooked in the regency romance sort of way. I say, try different genre for different moods!! :]

Yes, we never thought it would happen, right Deb (of "Cattails"), but Anthony finally struck platinum and diamonds on the beach with his metal detecting equipment!!! He's soooo thrilled. He found a beautiful diamond engagement ring for a petite little finger (so sad :[ for the poor little girl who lost it), on Naples Beach at Vanderbilt. He had it appraised at the jewelers yesterday for over $3,000., $5,000. to insure. It's his treasure!!!

DH has been metal detecting and bringing home pieces of sad lost metal toys for well as many a beaten up coin. Although, he did once find a very tiny diamond ring and a wedding band in front of a little old church in Fargo, ND, when Deb S. and I were there for a Stitchaway years ago at Shakespeare's Peddler. Will attach a pic. in my next entry...when he gets home to take it! Causing all of you to wait with "bated breathe" as the Bard said.

Until then, I remain, your bloggish friend always,
Hugs, Deb


Terri(TerriBoog) said...

I'm making note of the books and whoo hoo for the diamond find! how fun is that? Sad for the owner, but still, what every treasure hunter dreams of!

Stitching Cat said...

Kudos for Anthony!!! Sorry for the poor lass who lost her ring - but she should not wear such a thing on the beach. Glad to see you posting again. I hope all is well. I miss you so much. It was great seeing you and your new home in March. Love you. Deb

Moreen said...

What a great find for Anthony, the girl who lost it must be sad.
I am making a note of the books thanks.

Brigitte said...

Yes, this author sounds very interesting. I put down her name into my notebook of authors I want to read a book of. Thanks for sharing.

COUSON said...

Yes,so sweat cover books!Couson

Margaret said...

Now why did I drop by when I knew you were not blogging at the moment? Don't know why but good thing I did and glad to see you back.

Just like you I love the covers on Lauren Willig's books. I've read a few and enjoyed them.

When are you coming to Sin City?

Cyn said...

Hi Deb,

Thanks for sharing the books. I'll look for them as I need to add to my book stash. :-)

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