Friday, August 22, 2008

Hurricanes and Helpmates

Hurricane Fay was a flop...and happily flew by us in Naples (SW Florida) with a slight wind and a few tropical rains. I had gotten so excited by her prospect, too! Rounded up all the candles, flashlights, batteries and transistor radio in readiness of an old-fashioned hunkering down like in the old days of camping out in the dark outside with friends...a little bit scarey and lots of fun! So, Fay left me somewhat deflated. I went to bed with a book...lamplight and all!! LOL

I was just delighted to find in the mail a PIF gift from Georgie this past week! It was a darling pinkeep of a Just Nan design. I wish I had a picture. Have contacted Georgie to see if she has one...if she doesn't, I'll have to wait for my husband to fix his camera for a shot. So frustrating!! Just want to tell you how beautiful Georgie's stitching and finishing is, and how grateful I am to receive this piece.

Here is my latest book read. It's mostly about the history of the Mormons and their doctrine of polygomy as told by a First generation family in the 1800's. Much of it is from a woman's perspective; hence, the "helpmate" in my blog title. Please see my Bookish blog for a more comprehensive review. I ended my review by recommending that you wait for it to come out in's good, but not that good!

My next read is going to be "The Lace Reader." I understand that even today there are lace readers in Glouchester, MA. They make their own lace and do readings from them.
Interesting.... Jessica wants me to hold off reading "Gargoyle" so she and our longtime, dear friend, Allison, can read it with us.

Actually, we're all dying to read "Gargoyle" but the two girls have promised to read another book together first. I think I mentioned this book in an earlier blog. I hope we're not building it up too much for ourselves!

I want to thank those who commented on my last blog entry. It's not easy to be a "thinker" and participater in these days. It takes time to read about and to view on tv the political, national and international happenings, and to consider how they affect all us. I think it was Thomas Jefferson who said, and I'm very loosely quoting him, "if the people of the United States do not have the courage to stand up and to express themselves about policy and practices in the Country, then they will surely lose their freedoms and democracy...and the United States will be no more." Our Declaration of Independence was something men died to bring about.

It's important for the land that I love and cherish as a military brat to stand strong and brave. I'm really furious when I see our troops misused and our democracy and freedoms kicked around. That's all I was saying. I appreciate those of you who understood and took a stand with me on it.

Hugs, Deb


Barbara said...

I did read your earlier post when you wrote it, but chickened out form commenting. ;) I admire you for standing by your opinions, though!

Not sure if you've received my thank you email for the WONDERFUL and totally unexpected gift packet you sent me (I did blog about it) but just in case the email gremlins made off with it, here I am saying "THANK YOU!!!!" :D You just totally blew me away. I feel kind of bad because I thought I'd sent you a card around your birthday saying that this year was just too hectic for me to get a good gift together .... But I'll try to surprise you later in the year with something ....

Stitching Cat said...

Hi Deb- so glad to hear that Fay was a flop -- hurricanes scare me -- I'll take a good ol' Noreaster any day -- hunkering down as similar to your preparations but no wind to worry about! Miss you. Deb

Nicole said...

Hi Deb,

I'm so glad you didn't get any damage from Fay. We got a little rain up here, but not much. I saw the pinkeep on Georgie's blog. It's so cute! You did a great job with it! Take care and can't wait for more book reviews! They are great! :)

monique said...

I'll have to add that book to my list... for some reason I'm fascinated with Mormon history. Glad to hear Fay passed you by :)

Crazee4books said...

Hi Deb,

I think Hurricanes are one of
those things many of us are
in awe of, and secretly would
like to experience for the
adrenaline rush and the bit
of excitement. As long as
it's not too extreme.

Of course the reality is
probably not something any
sane person would want to
have to go through. Living
where you do I would imagine
you've been through a few hurricanes.

We haven't had one here since
1954, which is a bit before my
time. It was probably not a
big deal by the standards of
those you get in your part of
the world, but it was pretty
nasty all the same.

Have read one or two reviews
on the Gargoyle, and they
weren't too complimentary.
I'll be interested to hear
what you think of it. I
think I'll get the Lace
Reader since that sounds
like a good one.


LODY said...

glad that fay didn't do any damage in your area.:)

i love the fact that you share your strong opinions... looking forward to read more of them here!

have a great stitching day!