Friday, August 26, 2011

Stitchers: It's National Dog Day! Do You Know Where Your Doggie Is??

My Anthony and Clara
Key West, FL

As you can see, Clara's pretty much a "Daddy's Dog." She and Anthony have a close relationship. She tells him what to do and he's good about minding her. In fact, he's pretty much attentive to her every need. Every night she lets him know when it's 9:30PM, and it's time for her walk around the neighborhood to look for rabbits. She's pretty much unrelenting until he gets up from his easy chair, puts down his tv control, hooks her harness up and follows her outside.

Clara has several tags and signs and "words" to let us know what she wants. If we don't get her messages right the first time we question her, she'll just sit quietly. If we hit the right word, she'll jump down, twirl around and look at us expectantly. As I said, she's good at getting what she wants from us.

We've had Clara running our household for about 9 years now. And, we love her so much!

Recommendations if you're thinking of getting a Yorkie:

1) They rule the roost, even if you have other dogs...and no matter how large those dogs are.

2) They like treats, all day long!

3) They're loyal and they're protective.

4) They are hunters by genetics, so they will take after rabbits, squirrels, frogs, lizards, iguanas, and anything else small that moves relatively fast! So, better be prepared with a harness and a good grip on it.

5) Always use a harness-type leash. The neck-type will crush their esophagus and will damage them.

6) They demand attention at some part of the day, but will sleep quietly next to you if you're reading, blog writing or watching tv...or any other activity.

7) They're social. Love everyone who comes in the house, and want to be picked up, or at least recognized and petted...a little. 

8)  They get along well with children.

What's your dog?

Happy National Dog Day!!

Long time, no see.  Wondering how you all are doing these days, sticher friends.

Hugs,    Deb/LavenderRose