Sunday, September 6, 2009

New Pictures and Updates

Oh, look!! Here's my finished little "Iris" on Sophia's darling piece for our Mirabilia 2009 RR. She still needs her abundance of beads, which Sophia will add when the piece returns to her. "Iris" has very light lavender blue wings. I used a hand-dyed lavender on them. This was such fun to stitch. Mailing out to Kathy tomorrow.

Below is my start on our Emblem of Love Quaker Sampler RR group which is starting right away. I'm so excited for this group to be up and running! Several good friends in this one, including Edgar and Carol R., and Wendy B. There will be lots of different color/thread interpretations, I'm sure. I decided on this multicolored type for mine. I've used DMCs, Gloriana, Belle Soie, and GAST.

I had a wonderful visit with Jessica and Kellan and daddy, Kevin, in Louisana last week. They have a beautiful, first home with lots of space inside and out for a little boy to run around, and to help daddy plant lots of fun things.

This weekend Kellan went to his first live play...the Sesame Street Players on stage!!! He loved Elmo, Cookie Monster and Oscar the Grouch best. He also sat on Chief Deputy Bose's all terrain vehicle and loved it's great "varoom" sound! Mr. Bose lives next door and Kellan thinks he's Grampy Previte! LOL Kellan and Mommy saw a big fire truck and Kellan saw himself in the shiny bumper...and they made their first wish in a fountain at the Park today. A very big weekend for a little boy.

Grammie Debi sends love and thanks to all who commented last time on my entry and Elaine's Quilt. It has been a pleasure to make, and a joy to see Elaine's reactions each time your notes, cards, squares, and little gifts have come along to her. I should have it all quilted by this week. She continues in her chemo and has her good and bad days.... You are all so kind to keep her in your prayers, it really makes a difference.

Thank you to dear friends like Nicole, Von, Jinger, Katrina, Sandra, Kathy, Siobohan, Marie P., Wendy B., Barbara, Carol R., Margaret, Queenie, Lynn, Lesley, Harmiein, An, Deb, Juls, Jen and so many more I can't list who keep my feet grounded and keep me encouraged every day. I love you all. Today, I discovered I started my blog on February 10th, 2007, and I attribute all these friendships to the start of the blog. I'm so grateful!

Hugs and love to you all, please keep on commenting's how we get to know and love eachother as stitching friends!!