Saturday, June 27, 2009

Mary Wigham & Pictures Galore!

I'm a very fortunate girl to have a best birthday twin like Barbara (Mainely Stitching). She sent me this darling little hanging of a Mary Beale angel, some antique lace and a lovely glasswork piece for a necklace or scissor fob. All just my cup of tea. I love them to pieces. Have to think of an appropriate idea for the lace..... Thank you dear friend.
Below is a close up of the beautiful pinkeep Edgar (Blacksheep...) sent me!! I think it's awesome.
Look and drool! Edgar sent me this fantastic PIF!! I just love it. Everything is perfect. The pinkeep is absolutely perfectly finished, naturally, and all "D's!" Wonderful cookie smelling tea in a sweet tin...two gifts in one. And a gently scented drawer sophisticated and delicate. He must be watching lots of those old Bette Davis movies! :) Thank you so much, Edgar!! I love every bit of this...even the cute doggie card!

Shepherd's Bush "heart" progress. I get some relief from the BAPs with this little one right now. Somewhere I made a counting mistake, so my outer heart outline is a bit skewed by 2 stitches. I will have to fix them once the inside is finished.
A bit more stitching done on my "This...Day" Sampler. It's such a sweet sampler, if only I werem't on this rotation and spliting myself in so many different directions!! I say that about all of them!! LOL See my Mermaid Roses new scissors?! And a little bit of new work on Beatrix Potter, too.
Below: The Plantation Sampler. I've simply worked the gold inside border all the way down on the left side, at least, and ready to start some alphabet. I love this little "egg" made in tribute to Marie Antoinette (of course :) for my birthday by one of my best neighbor friends, Darlene. Thanks, Darlene! Lace from Barbara. :]
These are my silk toss for Mary Wigham above.... Yummy! I still need to fine tune my camera's color or lighting, I see from these pictures.

Lo, I've finally started my Mary Wigham! I've been so anxious, because I know I'm behind the 8-ball now. I loved working on her, though. First picture is of the threads I'm using...a conversion of DMCs to AuVerASoie. Couldn't resist adding some other colors, too.
Have I added enough pictures? I've been soooo overwhelmed with my DD, Jessica, moving to LA, and taking my darling grandson, Kellan, with her!! And, my BFF, Elaine, has taken a downward spiral with her lung cancer and has been in the hospital. I've been staying with her as much as possible....sleeping overnights...etc... Please pray for her and for Jess and Kellan & my SIL as they readjust to new surroundings.
Love and hugs to all of you. You make it all worthwhile. I appreciate so much your personal comments and messages.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Giveaway Time!

Dear Sweet Friends, It's time again to thank you for your faithfulness and friendship in the past rocky year. And, to celebrate what I hope is a great new year of health and peacefulness for me and my family.
I want to have a "giveaway" so I can give at least 3 of you something to show my appreciation for all it means to have you read my blog and leave your comments. I think I wouldn't have kept blogging if you hadn't encouraged me with your notes and emails. I would have been so lonely. Thank you so much.
So, please leave a note on comments that you want to participate. See my "Trade or Sale" list on my side bar to choose which charts you'd like. Once all have had a chance to enter, I'll pull three names from "the hat" on July 4th and announce the winners!
Sending hugs to all and good luck!! Deb